Yesterday’s Farmer, Today’s Agribusiness Owner

As technology increased over the last 100 years so to has the American Farmer’s ability to grow more on less acreage. Whether called farmer, rancher, or grower one thing is perfectly clear, they must increase the use of technology if we are to continue sustaining our growth.

Many people, my age and older have a vision of the farmer as being a hard worker, steward of the land, business owner, and neighbor. But, what does our children see? How would a Millennium describe a farmer?

Most young people today believe their food comes from the grocery store. If they think of a farmer they may have a vision of someone in overalls with a piece of wheat sticking out of their mouth. I just read an article titled: Vote for Dinner – Vote4Energy explaining the importance energy plays in our Nations food supply.

In the article, Mark Green states; “simplistic and iconic vision is far removed from the modern farming techniques that fill our tables every day. For as those old iron plows have been recycled or become decorative lawn items, our appetites are instead sated by modern technology and the energy that powers it to efficiently harvest crops and raise livestock on our nation’s 2 million farms, collectively adding up to more than 900 million acres.”

So America, while the farming community embraces new technology should we change what we call them? With precision agriculture, satellite technology, global food safety requirements, continued labor issues and, a market that (at best) may keep you in business should we call today’s farmer “Agribusiness Owner”?

Danny Kushmer

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  1. This article is just amazing.
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