What Have We Become?

Originally written in 2002………..

Have you ever been asked “what does Christmas mean to you?” I have, many times. For me, each year that passes the question becomes more relevant. When I was a child Christmas meant presents, (giving and receiving) family, friends, and that special service at church. As I get older I find myself looking back on Christmas past (especially those when I was a child) and thinking how Jesus Christ played a bigger role in the holiday.

Christmas is for families coming together and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. As the name implies, Christmas is Christ. We have gutted the meaning of Christmas by removing all references to the most Holy. Every day during the Christmas season I hear of efforts to remove the name of Christ from Christmas. There is nothing wrong with saying Happy Holidays, but to completely remove all references to Christ is like removing “Independence” from Independence Day. Do you say, “Seasons Greetings” when it is the Fourth of July? Is not summer a season?

One day I read of a report in Palm Beach, Florida. It seems the city allows a Christmas Tree and a Menorah to be displayed on public land. However, when two Christian ladies ask to have a Nativity scene added to the display the town fathers refused. Even the local Rabbi can not understand the reasoning for not allowing the display of the Nativity.

So, what is the result? The two Christian ladies are now suing the city. To me, it seems the city is so afraid of any reference toward our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that they are willing to allow other religious symbols and run the risk of being sued. Is that where we are in today’s world?

We engage in battles all over the world in the name of freedom, a freedom that was built on the Good News of Jesus Christ and the Bible. Yet the very fabric in whom our country was founded is slowly and systematically being removed. I am not implying we must force Christianity on the masses, however, what is the harm in celebrating a National Holiday in the way it is designed?


What does Christmas mean to me? Two Things; 1) Christmas is spending time celebrating the birth of Christ with family and friends and, 2) Christmas is the celebration of gifts. Not the presents under the tree, but the gift our Lord and Savior has given each and every one of us. MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New Year!

Danny Kushmer


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