Water Regionalism

How do communities across the country conserve water? In Florida, many municipalities and counties work together instead of going it alone in finding new and innovative ways to secure future water supplies. This also aides in protecting the environment (wetlands, streams, rivers, & lakes) throughout Florida by diversifying the supply.

In Polk County, 17 municipalities are currently working with the county to ensure a plan exists for water supply. This plan looks 20 years into the future and at the same time works to protect the environment.

Here you’ll see the recap from recent BOCC action:

Watch the Commissioners Report to find out what is being done:

Find out more about water supply, water quality, and protecting the environment in Florida:

Southwest Florida Water Management District
South Florida Water Management District
St. Johns River Water Management District
Suwannee River Water Management District
Northwest Florida Water Management District
Central Florida Water Initiative


Danny Kushmer

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