Water, October’s Photo Assignment

While making our way through the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains. The thought of getting the perfect fall foliage shot was very exciting. While many of the photos taken turned out very nice, it was the photos of the water that really excited me. Being new to photography I was fascinated at how photographers could turn water into cotton. And, being from Florida it is difficult to find a waterfall….

After watching a DSLR tutorial on shooting water by Gordon Laing I thought I might be able to capture the moment. Of the six photos below, three of them were shot using a tripod. For my amateur eye I think they turned out pretty cool.

f25 0.6s 24mm ISO 100

f18 0.6s 18mm ISO 100

f14 0.6s 65mm ISO 100

f16 0.6s 18mm ISO 100

f13 0.6s 18mm ISO 100

f20 0.6s 29mm ISO 100

Danny Kushmer

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