The Bee’s Know

It is never a dull moment at the office. This morning, while sitting in my office I hear what sounded like drilling. As it kept persisting, I got up and went outside to check it out. Just outside my office wall is what I believe is a hive. Massive amounts of bee’s coming and going.

By the time I went to get my camera they seemed to have settled down. So, the photo’s do not show the depth of the bee invasion. However, I can tell you they are very loud just inside my wall and I hope they do not find a way in before the bee keeper comes to rescue us.

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  1. dannykushmer says:

    Bee update #1: Well, my worst fear has come true. Apparently the bee’s have made their way into the attic/ceiling above my office. I kept hearing them and they sounded like they were not just in the wall. As I peered up I began to see flying and dead bee’s in the flourescent light fixture above my head. I think it may be time to head out of the office for a meeting.

  2. dannykushmer says:

    Bee update #2: They left before the bee keeper showed up. Good for them because he would have terminated them. They are free to explore the wilds.

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