RNC 2012


It all started with an email several weeks ago, “Danny, I have an opportunity for two volunteers at the RNC on Monday night, can you do it?” Of course, I said yes and asked @ihearttampa if she wanted to participate. Over the next couple of weeks we began to get excited, picked up our volunteer shirt and hat and awaited the training session.

We arrived at the Tampa Bay Times Forum with excitement and anticipation, we wondered, what kind of duties would they have us doing? As the meeting went on we found out that we would be helping with the ADA. This was very exciting since some of the ADA volunteers would get an “All Access” pass.

Before leaving the training session we were allowed to look into the main floor of the Tampa Bay Times Forum and see the progress of turning a hockey arena into a political venue. While I did not bring my Cannon, I did bring my Nikon S6200 point and shoot.

We left with excitement knowing we were going to be a part of history. Then, as Isaac began to make its way toward the Gulf of Mexico our joy began to turn to concern as we began to pray for everyone in its path. As the weekend rolled on the decision was made to cancel the first day of the RNC. As a Floridian, I believe this was correct course of action, with so many folks visiting the Tampa Bay Area officials must ensure their safety.

Unfortunately, that meant we would not be attending the first day of the RNC due to work and life we were only able to volunteer for the first day. But, we will have the memory of being there even if it was right before it started. And, we will watch the balloons drop on TV Thursday night.

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