On Assignment

Hello Blogosphere! This, being my very first post to my blog I wanted to share how I plan to “self” educate myself in the art of digital photography. I recently purchased a Cannon T3i and am quite overwhelmed by all that it can do.

Beginning this month (July 2012), I plan to assign myself a project each month that will focus (love the parody) on different aspects of the camera. My first assignment is titled “Vehicle Close-Ups” where I am trying to capture the nuance of various aspects of the vehicle. Whether it is the grill, paint, tires or even hood ornaments, my hope is to learn through critique how I can make the shot better. Any and all comments are welcome, but I would hope they would be constructive.

Thank you and God Bless!

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  1. Good for you! Thank you for following my photo blog. I hope it gives you inspiration to get out there and shoot! Anything! I think you will enjoy tomorrow’s post.

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