The Ward Scott Files Podcast

My friend and colleague Frankie Hall were honored to participate on the Ward Scott Files out of Gainesville, Florida. We talked about precision agriculture and how farmers and ranchers are lessening their environmental footprint.

Scroll down the page to: 4-19-2017 Ward Scott & Alachua Farm Bureau Ag Show: With Danny Kushmer, Director of Environment Restoration & Compliance and Frankie Hall in Sales & Marketing.



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IMPAC Takeover

On Tuesday, May 9th I was charged with generating content for @IMPACGrown on Twitter and Instagram. Our #TakeoverTuesday consisted of touring a Member of the House Ag Committee at two nursery operations in Apopka, Florida. Thank you AgriStarts and Costa Farms for your generous hospitality.

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31st Environmental Permitting Summer School

The Environmental Permitting Summer School has been held for the past 30 consecutive years and is attended by more than 850 attorneys, consultants, engineers, state and local government officials, developers, landowners and others with a strong interest in environmental issues in Florida.IMG_8489

In-spite of the incredible line-up of speakers, the organizers of this years event decided to include me. I sure do hope I can be 1/2 as good as those scheduled to present. If you are in the Ft. Lauderdale area in July and have a concern for Florida agriculture, register to attend this conference. 

I will be part of a panel of three moderated by a member of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Below is a summary of the program, click here for the full listing.


Agriculture faces the critical issues of water quality, use, and conservation, all while meeting the food production needs of a growing world population. This course will discuss strategies used by the Florida agricultural community to address those issues, measures implemented to improve water quality, the role of agriculture in water supply planning, unique issues faced by producers in the Everglades Agricultural Area, and the transformation of agriculture by rapid advances in technology. This is unlike any other panel—you will not want to miss it!  Instructors: Stan Posey (Moderator), Valerie Seidel, Danny Kushmer, Jeff Sumner

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Hillsborough County Young Farmers and Ranchers Saltwater Fishing Tournament

Join the Hillsborough County Young Farmers and Ranchers Inaugural Saltwater Fishing Tournament on Saturday July 22, 2017 out of Simmons Park, 2401 19th Ave NW, Ruskin, FL 33570.
This event is being organized to raise funds to purchase FFA jackets to present at their annual meeting to FFA members that are not financially able to purchase their own.

Want to be a sponsor? Inaugural Hillsborough County YF&R Saltwater Fishing Tournament Sponsorship
Want to fish in the tournament? Inaugural Hillsborough County YF&R Saltwater Fishing Tournament Registration

For more information on the YF&R program, check out their webpage:

Danny Kushmer

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Spring in Florida

A beautiful Saturday in Central Florida. 

Tomato and watermelon caprese salad

And our beautiful orchid bloom

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Danny Kushmer Voted in as New Executive Director of IRFC



Mulberry, April 26, 2017 – The International Responsible Farming Council has announced the appointment of Danny Kushmer as their new Executive Director. Previously, Kushmer served as Director of Environment, Restoration and Compliance for Highland Precision Ag. There, he was the point of contact and liaison between the farming community and local, state, and federal regulators, as well as providing support to IMPAC Certified Growers.

 “It’s an honor to serve as Executive Director for the International Responsible Farming Council furthering the mission of the International Member of Precision Agriculture Community, said Danny Kushmer. Promoting farmers using precision agriculture to conserve resources, enhance the production of safe, high quality food and fiber, and protect labor standards to consumers worldwide is my priority.”

IRFC provides farmers and agricultural business owners with a place to tell their story and be transparent, by giving them an opportunity to showcase their best management practices used in their operations. The IMPAC standard is a connection to consumers and the voice for farmers to communicate just how committed they are to food-safety and social responsibility.

“We are excited to have Danny Kushmer as the Executive Director of the International Responsible Farming Council. Says IRFC Chair, Jessica Wickham. “His many years of experience in agriculture and government give him the ability to fully represent the organization’s goals of furthering food, farmers and the environment through precision agriculture.”

About the IRFC and IMPAC

The IRFC is a not-for-profit corporation that promotes the use of precision agriculture through its International Member of the Precision Agriculture Community (IMPAC) labeling program. Labeled products meet the standards set by the IRFC, which consists of consumers and farmers. Learn more at

Danny Kushmer

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Florida Ag Hall of Fame Invites Nominations

The Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame, which honors those who have made significant contributions to agriculture, is accepting nominations for inductees.

“We invite the agriculture community to nominate those who have demonstrated selfless dedication to advocacy and advances in agricultural production,” said Ray Hodge, president of the Florida Agricultural Hall of Fame Foundation.

The online nomination form is available on the Florida Ag Hall of Fame website here. Submission deadline is Sept. 1. Nominations should be mailed to AHOF Nominations, 100 S. Mulrennan Road, Valrico, FL 33594. For more information, call 813-230-1918. Inductees are honored at a February banquet during the Florida State Fair in Tampa.

Danny Kushmer


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Food Photography?

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to be on-hand while filming a celebrity chef. I followed a local photographer as she would shoot the final product. One thing I find difficult in food photography is getting the right angle. I would look over her shoulder than take the same shot.

Here are my attempts:


Danny Kushmer

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A Drive in the Everglades

As a kid I was fortunate enough to spend many hunting seasons in the Everglades. I remember parking our vehicles just off the hard road, unloading swamp buggies and trudging through the swamp. While the cabin was only 1 mile from where we would park our cars, often it took well over 2 hours to get there. From high water to breakdowns we were always happy to see the oasis of our camp.

During the evening, fireside stories would be told and one particular story came rushing back to my memory the other day. After an unusually difficult journey, both high water and swamp buggy breakdowns we made it to camp just before dark. Once settled in and after dinner we retired to the fire. My dad began talking about a hunting trip he had made to Georgia. As we swatted mosquitoes and listened intently thinking he was going to talk about a trophy buck he bagged. He started speaking the virtues of this camp, hot and cold running water, indoor plumbing (no outhouse) heat and A/C and you could drive a Cadillac to the front door of the cabin. After several hours trudging through the swamp just to get 1 mile I thought that would be a nice change.

Well, we no longer hunt in the Everglades. The State and U.S. governments have purchased much of the land for conservation. Over the years park officials have created trails and scenic drives through many of the same areas I used to hunt using swamp buggies. A few days ago I had the opportunity to visit land very close to where we used to have our camp. As I drove my car (I have a truck as well but my wife and I were travelling in comfort and was not planning stop) down a scenic trail in Fakahatchee Strand near Everglades City I parked and began to walk down a trail. Before hitting the trail I looked back one last time to make sure I locked the car and the story my dad told came rushing back.


I drove a Cadillac in the Everglades, not quite to the old camp but close.

Oh, and on the other side of the trail I saw this. Someone drove their Mercedes in there too. LOL


Danny Kushmer


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February Walk

Recently, Polk County Parks and Natural Resources opened the Panther Point Trail located on the East Side of Lake Hancock. While biking the trail I took a few photos.

Danny Kushmer

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