Join the “Field to Fork” Conversation

Join the “Field to Fork” conversation with Chef Vivian Howard. She talks with Sweet Life Farms and shares her mouthwatering Pork Shoulder Steaks in Red Curry-Braised Watermelon recipe.



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Your Food, Your Farmer

Here the latest podcast from Your Food, Your Farmer.

Spoiler alert: towards the end of the show you will find out, who is the voice of Marvel’s Captain Citrus.

Danny Kushmer

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Raising Money For Clean Water Around The World

Re-Blogged from Wine To Water‘s Field Notes:

The Big Show for Clean Water

Saturday, August 20 in Tampa, Florida was the scene for “The Big, Big Show! – Wine To Water Fundraiser” hosted by Tia Marie and Sydney Grogan. A culmination of artists and live performers joined together to entertain and raise awareness of the global water crisis. Proceeds from the event bring water, sanitation and hygiene to areas in need. Surrounded by good food, fun and fellowship about 45 guests enjoyed The Jeweled Mermaid, belly dancer J. Oriana Brooks, live body painting by Pam Trent, art from Cass W. and Gabriela Jaxon, Sideshow Magic from Matt Hatter, and comedy from Wit Improve.

Click here for the rest of the story:

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IRFC Votes in New Chair

ORLANDO (August 31, 2017)  – International Responsible Farming Council (IRFC) elected Jessica Jennewein as the chair during the August meeting in Orlando, Florida.

Jennewein received her undergraduate degrees from the University of Florida in Environmental Science and Public Relations. She went on to complete her MPA at Columbia University and her Masters of Law from Vermont Law School. She has always been active in various non-profit organizations, such as Women of the Western Communities and the Environmental Law Society. She was an Associate for the National Resources Defense Council Campaign for Making New York City Taxis Green. She is the Managing Partner in an SEO and website development company along with working with the Wellington Hospitality Group and local farms and chefs to make Farm to Table more accessible by setting up brunches and dinners which combine high-end culinary skills with locally grown and made products.

Jessica will preside at all meetings of the Council and Executive Committee, and will serve as liaison between the Council, Board of Directors and Executive Director to help ensure the directives and resolutions are carried out. More specifically, will be responsible for: ensuring the Council has approved policies to help enable sound and compliant governance and management of the organization, assuring ongoing recruitment, development, and contributions of Council members, and setting priorities and creating agendas for meetings of the Council and Executive Committee.

“I joined the council to provide the consumer point of view as a mother of two, and someone who is passionate about the farm-to-table movement and knowing where your food comes from,Jessica Jennewein said. “I think it’s important to make sure consumers get information and education about the food they eat.”

About the IRFC and IMPAC

The IRFC is a not-for-profit corporation that promotes the use of precision agriculture through its International Member of the Precision Agriculture Community (IMPAC) labeling program. Labeled products meet the standards set by the IRFC, which consists of consumers, scientists, and farmers. Learn more at


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Your Food, Your Farmer Podcast: Vivian Howard and The Produce Mom ®

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In the flagship episode of IMPAC’s podcast—Your Food, Your Farmer—I spend some time chatting with Lori Taylor, otherwise known as The Produce Mom®.

Lori Taylor, The Produce Mom.jpgWhat started as a small blogging project as the marketing manager at a produce wholesale company, Lori Taylor has turned The Produce Mom® into the go-to source for families looking for ways to eat more fruits and vegetables while giving them a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes work in agriculture. The Produce Mom’s® educational resources have even be supported by the USDA Team Nutrition program, as well as the State Department of Education.

In this episode, Lori and I talk about her journey in becoming an advocate for healthy eating, tips families can use to eat more produce and how we can continue to be smarter about our health.

For more news, click

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2003 Editorial Re-posted from the Tampa Bay Business Journel

Tampa Bay Business Journal

Don’t gripe with your mouth full

Guest Opinion by Danny Kushmer

Who is “Big Sugar?”

Team Wedgworth BrainTrustThe ads running on television and radio would have you believe “Big Sugar” is some monstrous corporate organization that has polluting the Everglades as its sole focus.

What’s next? “Big Dairy,” “Big Corn,” “Big Strawberry” or, worse yet, “Big Tomato?”

I have met a few big tomatoes, but that’s a different story. READ Full ARTICLE

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The Next Farm Bill

Updated to include “proposed” language, below.

Several weeks back, the House Committee on Agriculture conducted a listening session at the University of Florida. This was an opportunity for farmers, ranchers and any other interested parties to make their voices heard. The Chairman along with 10 representatives from around the U.S. heard from Florida, Georgia Farm Bureau and many others for about 3 hours.

I signed up to provide testimony but time ran out before the committee could hear from me and about 30 other interested parties. Fortunately, an email address (below) for input was provided. Also, based upon the success of this session, the Chairman introduced additional sessions over the coming weeks.

Below is the comments I submitted to the email address provided. I believe today’s farmers and ranchers incorporating new technologies and best management practices are not only improving crop yield, they are reducing water use and improving water quality. These efforts need to be recognized in the next Farm Bill.


Mr. Chairman, members, thank you for this opportunity to express our desires for the 2018 Farm Bill. It is no secret farmers and ranchers are over regulated. Local, state, and federal agencies either have their hand in the farmers pocket or, make the farmer spend hours away from the field trying to comply with over burdensome regulations.

IMPAC has been working with the Specialty Crop Alliance  on language believed will lessen this burden and reduce regulations our administration is counting on.

IMPAC proposed a “presumption of compliance” when farmers and ranchers incorporate Best Management Practices (BMP) that improve water quality and reduce water use. This “presumption of compliance” could result in the EPA and the Army Corps reducing enforcement efforts.

While many states currently incorporate BMP’s some do not, this would encourage those states to incorporate BMP’s or other types of certification efforts such as IMPAC. And, will help improve water quality and reduce water use around the Country.

While additional comments and thoughts to help American farmers and ranchers could be submitted, IMPAC will reserve this opportunity for future correspondence. Once again, thank you for visiting the Great State of Florida and the University of Florida.


Farm Bill 2018 Language


If you would like to add testimony and go on record for the Next Farm Bill, email them to

Danny Kushmer


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Chef Vivian Howard Partners with the IRFC and IMPAC Seal


Suzie Freedland
International Member of the Precision Ag Community

Mulberry, FL – PBS Host, cookbook author, and restaurateur, Vivian Howard is partnering with the International Responsible Farming Council (IRFC) to promote the IMPAC seal for produce. The campaign will peer into the lives of growers and their families, exploring the responsibilities and challenges in farming.

“I want people to know a real person grows their food—a person with feelings and a family,” said Vivian Howard. “It’s important to connect people to their food source.”

The campaign includes blogs, a video series, ‘Farm-to-Fork’ conversations, Vivian’s recipes, and social media takeovers.

“The IRFC provides a space for farmers to share their experiences, which helps address many of the concerns consumers have about their food and the environment,” says Suzie Freedland, Marketing Director. “Vivian is the perfect match for us to do that. Her passion for food and farming is what will help bridge the gap between consumers and farmers.”

About the IRFC and IMPAC

The IRFC is a not-for-profit corporation that promotes the use of precision agriculture through its International Member of the Precision Agriculture Community (IMPAC) labeling program. Labeled products meet the standards set by the IRFC, which consists of consumers and farmers. Learn more at


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Folks, I have two very dear friends looking for new opportunities! I would like to introduce you to their Linkedin profiles and provide my full endorsement to whatever they choose to do.

Colleen Thayer
Colleen’s legislative knowledge is extensive and covers the spectrum of issues.

David Rathke
David is a Seasoned executive with deep institutional knowledge of Public Affairs in the state of Florida.

Should you have any opportunities you feel Colleen and David can contribute to the successful outcome, please reach out to them.


Danny Kushmer

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Snakes, pack hunters?

This blog is for Dr. Buzz Aldrin. Doctor, if you have any pull what so ever please encourage NASA to begin the colonization of Mars immediately.

“Wait, what? Scientist discovers snakes that hunt in packs”

By: Euan McKirdy

Seriously, I HATE SNAKES!

Danny Kushmer

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