The Next Farm Bill

Several weeks back, the House Committee on Agriculture conducted a listening session at the University of Florida. This was an opportunity for farmers, ranchers and any other interested parties to make their voices heard. The Chairman along with 10 representatives from around the U.S. heard from Florida, Georgia Farm Bureau and many others for about 3 hours.

I signed up to provide testimony but time ran out before the committee could hear from me and about 30 other interested parties. Fortunately, an email address (below) for input was provided. Also, based upon the success of this session, the Chairman introduced additional sessions over the coming weeks.

Below is the comments I submitted to the email address provided. I believe today’s farmers and ranchers incorporating new technologies and best management practices are not only improving crop yield, they are reducing water use and improving water quality. These efforts need to be recognized in the next Farm Bill.


Mr. Chairman, members, thank you for this opportunity to express our desires for the 2018 Farm Bill. It is no secret farmers and ranchers are over regulated. Local, state, and federal agencies either have their hand in the farmers pocket or, make the farmer spend hours away from the field trying to comply with over burdensome regulations.

IMPAC has been working with the Specialty Crop Alliance  on language believed will lessen this burden and reduce regulations our administration is counting on.

IMPAC proposed a “presumption of compliance” when farmers and ranchers incorporate Best Management Practices (BMP) that improve water quality and reduce water use. This “presumption of compliance” could result in the EPA and the Army Corps reducing enforcement efforts.

While many states currently incorporate BMP’s some do not, this would encourage those states to incorporate BMP’s or other types of certification efforts such as IMPAC. And, will help improve water quality and reduce water use around the Country.

While additional comments and thoughts to help American farmers and ranchers could be submitted, IMPAC will reserve this opportunity for future correspondence. Once again, thank you for visiting the Great State of Florida and the University of Florida.


If you would like to add testimony and go on record for the Next Farm Bill, email them to

Danny Kushmer


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Chef Vivian Howard Partners with the IRFC and IMPAC Seal


Suzie Freedland
International Member of the Precision Ag Community

Mulberry, FL – PBS Host, cookbook author, and restaurateur, Vivian Howard is partnering with the International Responsible Farming Council (IRFC) to promote the IMPAC seal for produce. The campaign will peer into the lives of growers and their families, exploring the responsibilities and challenges in farming.

“I want people to know a real person grows their food—a person with feelings and a family,” said Vivian Howard. “It’s important to connect people to their food source.”

The campaign includes blogs, a video series, ‘Farm-to-Fork’ conversations, Vivian’s recipes, and social media takeovers.

“The IRFC provides a space for farmers to share their experiences, which helps address many of the concerns consumers have about their food and the environment,” says Suzie Freedland, Marketing Director. “Vivian is the perfect match for us to do that. Her passion for food and farming is what will help bridge the gap between consumers and farmers.”

About the IRFC and IMPAC

The IRFC is a not-for-profit corporation that promotes the use of precision agriculture through its International Member of the Precision Agriculture Community (IMPAC) labeling program. Labeled products meet the standards set by the IRFC, which consists of consumers and farmers. Learn more at


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Folks, I have two very dear friends looking for new opportunities! I would like to introduce you to their Linkedin profiles and provide my full endorsement to whatever they choose to do.

Colleen Thayer
Colleen’s legislative knowledge is extensive and covers the spectrum of issues.

David Rathke
David is a Seasoned executive with deep institutional knowledge of Public Affairs in the state of Florida.

Should you have any opportunities you feel Colleen and David can contribute to the successful outcome, please reach out to them.


Danny Kushmer

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Snakes, pack hunters?

This blog is for Dr. Buzz Aldrin. Doctor, if you have any pull what so ever please encourage NASA to begin the colonization of Mars immediately.

“Wait, what? Scientist discovers snakes that hunt in packs”

By: Euan McKirdy

Seriously, I HATE SNAKES!

Danny Kushmer

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The Ward Scott Files Podcast

My friend and colleague Frankie Hall were honored to participate on the Ward Scott Files out of Gainesville, Florida. We talked about precision agriculture and how farmers and ranchers are lessening their environmental footprint.

Scroll down the page to: 4-19-2017 Ward Scott & Alachua Farm Bureau Ag Show: With Danny Kushmer, Director of Environment Restoration & Compliance and Frankie Hall in Sales & Marketing.



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IMPAC Takeover

On Tuesday, May 9th I was charged with generating content for @IMPACGrown on Twitter and Instagram. Our #TakeoverTuesday consisted of touring a Member of the House Ag Committee at two nursery operations in Apopka, Florida. Thank you AgriStarts and Costa Farms for your generous hospitality.

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31st Environmental Permitting Summer School

The Environmental Permitting Summer School has been held for the past 30 consecutive years and is attended by more than 850 attorneys, consultants, engineers, state and local government officials, developers, landowners and others with a strong interest in environmental issues in Florida.IMG_8489

In-spite of the incredible line-up of speakers, the organizers of this years event decided to include me. I sure do hope I can be 1/2 as good as those scheduled to present. If you are in the Ft. Lauderdale area in July and have a concern for Florida agriculture, register to attend this conference. 

I will be part of a panel of three moderated by a member of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Below is a summary of the program, click here for the full listing.


Agriculture faces the critical issues of water quality, use, and conservation, all while meeting the food production needs of a growing world population. This course will discuss strategies used by the Florida agricultural community to address those issues, measures implemented to improve water quality, the role of agriculture in water supply planning, unique issues faced by producers in the Everglades Agricultural Area, and the transformation of agriculture by rapid advances in technology. This is unlike any other panel—you will not want to miss it!  Instructors: Stan Posey (Moderator), Valerie Seidel, Danny Kushmer, Jeff Sumner

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Hillsborough County Young Farmers and Ranchers Saltwater Fishing Tournament

Join the Hillsborough County Young Farmers and Ranchers Inaugural Saltwater Fishing Tournament on Saturday July 22, 2017 out of Simmons Park, 2401 19th Ave NW, Ruskin, FL 33570.
This event is being organized to raise funds to purchase FFA jackets to present at their annual meeting to FFA members that are not financially able to purchase their own.

Want to be a sponsor? Inaugural Hillsborough County YF&R Saltwater Fishing Tournament Sponsorship
Want to fish in the tournament? Inaugural Hillsborough County YF&R Saltwater Fishing Tournament Registration

For more information on the YF&R program, check out their webpage:

Danny Kushmer

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Spring in Florida

A beautiful Saturday in Central Florida. 

Tomato and watermelon caprese salad

And our beautiful orchid bloom

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Danny Kushmer Voted in as New Executive Director of IRFC



Mulberry, April 26, 2017 – The International Responsible Farming Council has announced the appointment of Danny Kushmer as their new Executive Director. Previously, Kushmer served as Director of Environment, Restoration and Compliance for Highland Precision Ag. There, he was the point of contact and liaison between the farming community and local, state, and federal regulators, as well as providing support to IMPAC Certified Growers.

 “It’s an honor to serve as Executive Director for the International Responsible Farming Council furthering the mission of the International Member of Precision Agriculture Community, said Danny Kushmer. Promoting farmers using precision agriculture to conserve resources, enhance the production of safe, high quality food and fiber, and protect labor standards to consumers worldwide is my priority.”

IRFC provides farmers and agricultural business owners with a place to tell their story and be transparent, by giving them an opportunity to showcase their best management practices used in their operations. The IMPAC standard is a connection to consumers and the voice for farmers to communicate just how committed they are to food-safety and social responsibility.

“We are excited to have Danny Kushmer as the Executive Director of the International Responsible Farming Council. Says IRFC Chair, Jessica Wickham. “His many years of experience in agriculture and government give him the ability to fully represent the organization’s goals of furthering food, farmers and the environment through precision agriculture.”

About the IRFC and IMPAC

The IRFC is a not-for-profit corporation that promotes the use of precision agriculture through its International Member of the Precision Agriculture Community (IMPAC) labeling program. Labeled products meet the standards set by the IRFC, which consists of consumers and farmers. Learn more at

Danny Kushmer

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