Morning Guest

Friday morning began with a brief video conference meeting at 8:30. At just about 9:00 am as the meeting was about to close, a very un-welcome (but not-so un-friendly) guest arrived on our doorstep in Bartow.

DannyKushmerWhile some of the more BOLD staff members chose to go outside and take photos, I chose to observe and document from behind the glass.

The gator was about 3′ long and seemed to be quit at home though we wondered where he came from. The office is not anywhere near (at least within a half mile and several major roads) a body of water. One of the staff members called the Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC) and they dispatched a trapper to the scene within an hour.


While I do not have any pictures of the capture (it happened so fast) I am pretty sure it was un-eventful. The only question that remains is: Was he released into the wild or will he become a nice pair of shoes?


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