Lunch-Time Stroll at Circle B Bar Reserve

I know I’ve said it before but it’s worth saying again; I am so lucky to live and work in a county with so many wonderful outdoor locations to visit.

Yesterday, during my lunch hour I took a stroll at Circle B Bar Reserve on Lake Hancock. Circle B is a Nature Discovery Center in partnership with the Southwest Florida Water Management District. Lake Hancok is the headwaters to the Peace River and is vital to continued flow for this 120 mile-long river that drains into Charlotte Harbor.

Click the Lake Hancock link above and you can find information on the Lake Level Modification project which will help in a continued flow and improved water quality to the Peace River. Yesterday’s walk was HOT and not many critters were out but I did get a few good shots of butterflies. You can see more photo’s of Circle B on their Flickr site.

Danny Kushmer

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