Lunch at Circle B

I am very fortunate to live near a true “Gem” of a nature park in Central Florida. Circle B Bar Nature Center is located in the heart of Polk County and is approximately 1200 acres of restored pasture on the shores of Lake Hancock. For more information click here: Circle B Bar

On occasion, I drive the few short miles during my lunch hour for a relaxing walk. I always take my camera because you never know what you might see. Until recently, my camera consisted of either my iPhone or a point and shoot. However, as I have been reporting, with my recent purchase of a Cannon T3i the walks are taking on a new meaning…..Learning to use the camera.

Usually you will always see a multitude of birds, on the lake and wetlands, you will see numerous alligators, in the uplands, you may see a hog, and on rare occasion, you will see foxes and maybe even a bobcat (which I have iPhone pictures of).

On this particular trip, I saw something I never have seen before, fishermen seining tilapia. You see, Lake Hancock has one of the most-dense populations of alligators in the State of Florida. Seeing fishermen walking in the lake is quite intriguing.

Before I even got to the parking lot, I saw a hawk fly across the road and land in a near-by tree, the photos began! By the way, if you want to see more incredible photos from Circle B? Click on their Flickr page or visit their Facebook page.

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