Kennedy Space Center (KSC)

Ticket Center

The last time I was at Kennedy Space Center I was 13 and they had just completed the landing strip for the space shuttle. Well, that was then and this is now.


First, let me thank @ihearttampa for providing an incredible stop on our vacation. For me, this was an awesome day.

Launch Pad 39A

We were able to get a fantastic view of Launch Pad 39A

Atlantic Ocean

We then travelled to the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) and I must say, our tour guide Ann was a wonderful ambassador.

VAB from the Causeway

Just outside of the VAB


And then we walked inside……

And as Ann began to say, “she is waiting for you” I could only think of.

Breaking News

And the countdown began…..

2, 1

And here she is.


To say I was overwhelmed would be understated.

She is beautiful.

You can get this close too. Just go to:

Beautiful people.

Her missions


Once again, thank you @ihearttampa for a great day. So long KSC, we will be back.

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