July 2012 Assignment: Vehicle Close-Ups

I purchased my Cannon T3i because I wanted to expand upon the average point and shoot photo. Now that I have it, I realize I am in way over my head. I began to scour websites, purchase “how-to” magazines and watch videos on YouTube to better understand its power. I ran across an article at http://digital-photography-school.com titled:  7 Photography Projects to Jumpstart your Creativity.

After more research, I decided to assign myself a photography project each month that would focus on various aspects of the camera. Being new to photography (that is, other than point and shoot) and DSLR’s I began to focus on what types of projects would help improve my abilities. Obviously, the first and most important aspect of getting the right shot is framing and composition.

On July 1st my first assignment fell in my lap, my church had a function called Celebrate America and besides patriotic music, pie eating and watermelon seed spitting contest and an incredible musical, they also had a car show. This proved to be a good opportunity to work on framing and composition. I chose to shoot the various vehicles at different angles wanting to focus on interesting aspects of the vehicles like, grills, hood ornaments, paint etc…

 The following photos were shot using the Cannon T3i with the EFS 18-55mm (kit) lens. The camera was set to AV (Aperture Value) and most of the shots were taken at 24-55mm which allowed me to set the aperture starting at 5.6. Below the photos I offer my own critique to what I see but would welcome your thoughts as well. Thank you and God Bless!

Image 1: 1/160  f/8  24mm  ISO 100: Ford panel truck trying to capture the mural on the side.

  • Cut-off the left side
  • Should’ve removed the tree in the background

Image 2: 1/160  f/8  42mm  ISO 100: Ford F-100 pickup trying to capture the logos, paint and texture.

  • Too much background

Image 3: 1/200  f/8  55mm  ISO 100: Ford F-100 pickup capturing the nameplate.

  • Crooked
  • Not centered top to bottom and side to side

Image 4: 1/160  f/8  55mm  ISO 100: Chevy C-100 pickup capturing the nameplate

  • Not level
  • Not centered top to bottom and side to side

Image 5: 1/160  f/7.1  37mm  ISO 100: Chevy C-100 Chevy pickup grill

  • Photo is centered side to side
  • Not centered top to bottom
  • Should’ve went higher to remove the top part of the license plate

Image 6: 1/125  f/6.3  35mm  ISO 100: Hot rod capturing the grill and flames

  • Not centered side to side
  • Should’ve excluded the window
  • This may have been better as a side angle

Image 7: 1/80  f/5.6  27mm  ISO 100: Ford F-100 pickup capturing the grill

  • Not centered side to side
  • Not level
  • Should’ve captured more of the grill
  • Should’ve excluded the window

Image 8: 1/200  f/10  25mm  ISO 400: Older model Chevy capturing the grill

  • Not centered top to bottom
  • It is centered side to side
  • Should’ve focused on a tighter shot which would’ve taken out the background

Image 9: 1/200  f/10  25mm  ISO 100: Old model Ford capturing the grill and flags

  • Not centered side to side
  • Pretty pleased with the top to bottom centering
  • Not level               
  • Should’ve adjusted the flags

Image 10: 1/200  f/8  18mm  ISO 100: Same vehicle with the same angle, further back

  • Satisfied with the centering side to side
  • Not satisfied with the centering top to bottom
  • Should’ve adjusted the flags
  • Should’ve brought the shot up to get rid of the background on the bottom

Image 11: 1/80  f/6.3  24mm  ISO 100: WWII era Jeep capturing the grill

  • Not centered side to side bottom to top
  • Should’ve brought the shot in tighter to remove the background

Image 12: 1/1,250  f/5.6  44mm  ISO 400: Shooting the hood ornament

  • Reduced the aperture as far as I could 5.6
  • Not happy with the shadow in the top right portion of the photo

Image 13: 1/1,250  f/5.6  45mm  ISO 400: Different angle

  • Not happy with the angle
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