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Get a PlanIn Florida, we know all too well that being prepared for an emergency (like a hurricane) is just plain smart. After Hurricane Andrew in 1992 I decided I needed to do more to protect my family and created a tri-fold pamphlet outlining emergency contacts, meeting locations depending on what type of emergency, and locations of emergency supplies.

As my children grew I updated the pamphlet to include scenario based information, such as…What to do if you are at school, church, etc….

As the internet became more prevalent and useful the State of Florida on their Florida Disaster website created Get A Plan! While hurricane season is coming to a close (June 1st through November 30th) it is never too early to begin planning for your safety.

Also, these plans are not just for severe weather (pdf file for Florida’s Severe Weather Awareness Guide) events, they can be used in preparing for other natural and especially man-made disasters. Never can be too prepared.

Here a some social media sites that you should also follow:


/Florida Division of Emergency Management
/Florida Sert
/Kids Get A Plan
/PS Coordination

Also, I have created a pretty detailed Twitter List on accounts that can keep you informed during an emergency. Most of them are Florida related but I do have several other state and national accounts.

Thank you to my wife, @CallyKushmer for suggesting this post.

Danny Kushmer


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  1. Steve Rogers says:

    Great blog post, picked up a new emergency radio (Eton FRX5) this week for just this reason. Really like the website design, too!

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