Emergency Landing on I-75

Well, you don’t see this everyday!


I was travelling down I-75 when all of the sudden traffic began to grind to a halt. I looked to my left and I could not believe my eyes. Just a few minutes (if not seconds) before I arrived at this point a small plane had just landed in the median. Unfortunately, I only had my iPhone to take pictures and they did not come out very well.

I tweeted the following tweet with the above picture.

“Don’t see this everyday. Plane lands on I-75 near Gibsonton, looks like everyone is ok.”

I was shocked that I was the first to break the story and began to get “DM’s” and “replies” to my tweet. ABC Action News was the first to reply, but below is the link to 10 News with the story.

10 News

You just never know what you will see while driving down the road. Lesson here, always carry your camera.

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