Danny Kushmer Voted in as New Executive Director of IRFC



Mulberry, April 26, 2017 – The International Responsible Farming Council has announced the appointment of Danny Kushmer as their new Executive Director. Previously, Kushmer served as Director of Environment, Restoration and Compliance for Highland Precision Ag. There, he was the point of contact and liaison between the farming community and local, state, and federal regulators, as well as providing support to IMPAC Certified Growers.

 “It’s an honor to serve as Executive Director for the International Responsible Farming Council furthering the mission of the International Member of Precision Agriculture Community, said Danny Kushmer. Promoting farmers using precision agriculture to conserve resources, enhance the production of safe, high quality food and fiber, and protect labor standards to consumers worldwide is my priority.”

IRFC provides farmers and agricultural business owners with a place to tell their story and be transparent, by giving them an opportunity to showcase their best management practices used in their operations. The IMPAC standard is a connection to consumers and the voice for farmers to communicate just how committed they are to food-safety and social responsibility.

“We are excited to have Danny Kushmer as the Executive Director of the International Responsible Farming Council. Says IRFC Chair, Jessica Wickham. “His many years of experience in agriculture and government give him the ability to fully represent the organization’s goals of furthering food, farmers and the environment through precision agriculture.”

About the IRFC and IMPAC

The IRFC is a not-for-profit corporation that promotes the use of precision agriculture through its International Member of the Precision Agriculture Community (IMPAC) labeling program. Labeled products meet the standards set by the IRFC, which consists of consumers and farmers. Learn more at http://www.impac.org

Danny Kushmer

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