Code Pink Tries and Fails to Disrupt Mitt Romney’s Speech


I guess if you want to be on National TV you have to be in the right place at the right time. Well, ihearttampa and I were. On the last night of the RNC we were lucky enough to score guest passes from the Host Committee.

As we were enjoying all of sights and speakers awaiting Mitt Romney’s speech we were amazed at all the news celebrities. In a later post I will feature some photo’s of the night. But for this post I want to highlight the Code Pink protestors that infiltrated the evening.

In the video links below you will see me and sometime’s ihearttampa (although I was trying to protect her and stood firm in front of her) as the protestor’s begin to disrupt the evening. I am happy to report, they failed, partly because I was able to grab one of them and pass him off to security.

This will be a story that I can tell my grandchildren one day and I am proud to have helped.

The Blaze

Cafe Mom

Code Pink


I think the best video with me is the story from the Blaze.

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