Chef Vivian Howard Partners with the IRFC and IMPAC Seal


Suzie Freedland
International Member of the Precision Ag Community

Mulberry, FL – PBS Host, cookbook author, and restaurateur, Vivian Howard is partnering with the International Responsible Farming Council (IRFC) to promote the IMPAC seal for produce. The campaign will peer into the lives of growers and their families, exploring the responsibilities and challenges in farming.

“I want people to know a real person grows their food—a person with feelings and a family,” said Vivian Howard. “It’s important to connect people to their food source.”

The campaign includes blogs, a video series, ‘Farm-to-Fork’ conversations, Vivian’s recipes, and social media takeovers.

“The IRFC provides a space for farmers to share their experiences, which helps address many of the concerns consumers have about their food and the environment,” says Suzie Freedland, Marketing Director. “Vivian is the perfect match for us to do that. Her passion for food and farming is what will help bridge the gap between consumers and farmers.”

About the IRFC and IMPAC

The IRFC is a not-for-profit corporation that promotes the use of precision agriculture through its International Member of the Precision Agriculture Community (IMPAC) labeling program. Labeled products meet the standards set by the IRFC, which consists of consumers and farmers. Learn more at


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