America, who has your back?

Thank God we all have our own opinions. Thank God we all do not share the same beliefs; that contrast is exactly what our founding fathers intended when they created differing parties.

What I am not thankful for is the ignorance which is bountiful in our great nation. Our flag does not represent only our president. It represents much, much more. It represents you; our flag represents me. It represents all presidents past and future. It represents the men and women who died defending our freedom. It represents our children, nieces, and nephews who were born into a nation with liberties unparalleled by any country.

To not salute our flag at home? Shameful. But to not salute our flag especially on foreign soil? Difficult to forgive. Yes, our flag symbolizes that you have the right to cast it aside, step on it, burn it, or spit on it. But as my grandmother taught me; just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

No family is perfect; but you always have their back and deal with your issues logically, systematically, and never in the street. You are always a unified front; and no matter what issues you are resolving at home, if someone ever came up against a member of your family, you would back that person right back down and defend your brother until the very end.

You will not stand and salute our flag? You are disrespecting my entire family; my family at home and every member of our great nation to whom I am related by soil; and that is NOT okay.

Cally Kushmer
Guest Contributor

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