Agriculture Podcasts

In my quest to gain a better understanding of podcasting, especially in agriculture. I started where everyone else does, Google. Me and my team, wanted to create a podcast to reach consumers with the “good news” of the American Farmer.

We were fortunate to partner with a “great” PBS chef, Vivian Howard who agreed to be our guest host for six episodes. She is a natural, I am not. So, my quest, find the right hosts I could steal err…learn their mannerisms to be a good podcaster.

Below, in no particular order are my favorites.

Shark Farmer Podcast
Host: Rob Sharkey

The Farmer and the City Girl
Host: Rob SharkeyLesley Kelley

Farm and Ranch Country
Host: Bill Graff

Talking Biotech
Host: Kevin Folta & Others

And, of course-my podcast……..

Your Food, Your Farmer
Hosts: Chef Vivian Howard & Danny Kushmer

I hope you enjoy them too.

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