WELCOME to DannyKushmer.com

IMG_8955I’m so glad you took the opportunity to visit my site created to share my love of photography and desire to become a “real” photographer. As time evolved I also found this site useful to share other passions of mine, especially agriculture and water.

While you’re here make sure you visit my blog and Twitter account for insights into the mind of someone with a passion to “build bridges between science and politics to create a sustainable water supply in in America” and, “help farmers worldwide lessen their environmental footprint”. That is my job and I feel very fortunate to be given the opportunity to work with some incredible people throughout America beyond.

My family is the main reason I created this site. I count myself the luckiest man alive. I am married to the most incredible woman and have the most brilliant kids and every now and then I just got to show them off. This is just part of my happy life celebrating my family. Please take a moment and visit my blog posts and let me know what you think. Sometimes I might get a little political,  I promise I’m always open and fair but I do have strong opinions.


RecenIMPACtly, I was tasked with the creation of a certification program designed to highlight farmers and ranchers around the world lessening their environmental footprint. Consumers today don’t realize the difference in farming from 30 years ago, technology has allowed the farmer feed an ever growing world population with less resources.

The International Member of Precision Agriculture Community (IMPAC) is administered by the International Responsible Farming Council. Read the press release announcing my new position.

Lastly, I am very fortunate to live in this great stateIMG_9700 and even more fortunate that I get to travel to it’s many parts during the course of my every day work-life. This allows me to (at least try to) capture some very cool photos along the way. I hope you enjoy.


Danny Kushmer